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Christian Aguilar is a new face to the old nostalgia that runs deep in music’s veins. Growing up listening to his neighbor’s old record collection, he was deeply inspired by the roots of folk, blues, and country. Christian has created his own path from the heart of where it all started.


Christian Aguilar grew up in Southern California surfing and exploring nature daily. The purity of the ocean and rawness of nature has become an anchor for who he is and what he strives to create. His deep thirst for travel and eclectic history has given Christian a broad sense of the world and the people in it.


Christian Aguilar began writing poetry from an early age and recently decided to combine his passion for poetry and music to construct a vision he’s always imagined. Christian emphasizes the importance of lyrics to paint the full picture and relate with the listener. He invites you to see his world of love, loss, joy, pain, humor and simple observation from his point of view.

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